Booking Your Spring Break Vacation

14 02 2012

It may seem hard to believe, but spring break is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning so you can get the best and cheapest deals without being scammed. I know it can be overwhelming to try and plan these things with all your friends so I wanted to share my amazing experience from my spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico (or “Mancun” as my three friends and I affectionately called it

Some of my Friends and New Australian Friends at The Hotel

because for some reason there seemed to be WAY more men than woman) last March. This trip was one of my favorites as I was able to meet people from all over the world and the United States and had an amazing time.

Total Cost

For this vacation, my friends and I booked our vacation through StudentCity. You might recognize the name because the cast of the Real World Cancun worked for them, or maybe just because the company is popular among college students. For our all-inclusive trip (this means airfare, food and drinks, party package and hotel room) we spent $1,400.  Not too bad, but was it worth it? The answer is absolutely yes!

The StudentCity Experience

Although my friends and I chose to go to Cancun, StudentCity offers plenty of other places to choose from with the same benefits. At first, I was worried because I wasn’t sure if I was really getting a deal and I am always leery to trust travel companies. But when they say all-inclusive, they mean it. All food and drinks (alcohol as well) were paid for at the hotel. In addition, representatives also give everyone coupons for other restaurants around town. To get away from the hotel food, we did take advantage of some of these deals like getting a $1 dollar sub from Subway and a $5 meal from the Hard Rock Café. When you walk in to the hotel you are also given three different wristbands. Be CAREFUL! If you lose these you are out of luck and might not be able to get all of the benefits. One of those was for free food and drinks, one showed you stayed in the hotel and the other one got you access to nightlife. Every day and night, there

My Friends and I By The Beach

was a sponsored party at one of the nightclubs or restaurants on the main “strip.” The wristbands allowed you to cut the line, walk in without paying any cover and get unlimited free drinks.

Once my friends and I arrived in Cancun, all we had to do was walk out of the airport and we immediately saw a clearly marked StudentCity bus that shuttled you to the hotel for free. Once you got on the shuttle and were with students from all over who were going to one of the three hotels that StudentCity placed people in. This was great as me and my three friends met a group of guys from Connecticut that we ended up hanging out with for most of the trip. It was nice and made us feel a little bit “safer” when we went out.

But this was really the great thing about StudentCity…everyone who booked through it were on the same two or three floors. Since we were all at the same hotel, there was a sense of comradery as you end up seeing the same faces every day. This is where my love for Australia stemmed from as I met a few different groups of people from the country. I still talk to the Australian’s I met in addition to the group of guys from Connecticut (thank god for social media). It was so great to meet all of these different kinds of people which is why I would recommended booking through this company. In addition, they have representatives everywhere that will walk you to and from the bars to make sure you arrive safely.

The only drawback is that since the company books your flights for you, you can get stuck with some pretty bad departure times. We had to get up at 3 am when we left forCancunand 7 am after staying out till 5 am the night before.

                                         Our Hotel

Brittany and I in the Pool

StudentCity gave us three options for hotel choices, and we decided to stay at the Krystal Cancun.   Although it was the most expensive hotel on the list, we chose it because it was closer to the bars and restaurants and was where all the “official” StudentCity events took place. Now I am not sure how any of the other hotels were, but our hotel was surprisingly nice for a bunch of spring break kids. The rooms and hallways were clean, the beach and swim-up bar pool were great and the staff was VERY helpful. I figured we might not be treated the same as other guests there on honeymoon’s or just visiting, but we were treated with nothing but kindness and we even got to know one of the bartenders (I still miss Luis). Although there was sometimes a lack of variety in the food served at the hotel (I think we had burgers and fries for lunch almost every day), it was always very good and all water in the hotel was purified. I would highly recommend this hotel even though it was $300 more than the other two hotels.

Favorite Bar/Restaurant

Most of The Boys From Connecticut and Us Getting Ready for a "White Party"

I think hands down one of everyone’s favorite bars in Cancun was Senor Frogs. My friends and I went there for happy hour and had a BLAST. The food and drinks were great (and also free thanks to StudentCity) and the place was just so fun. They had a big stage in which one of the boys from Connecticut embarrassed himself by spilling his drink all over him. They had contests and line dancing , but the best part about this place was the water slide. It was a little scary looking at first because you climb up a straight latter on the wall and then you would get dumped outside in the lake. We were all scared to do it at first, but finally we all caved and went down the slide. What a rush!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Overall, my spring break experience was so pleasant, and I think $1400 is reasonable for a college student when I only ended up spending maybe 25 dollars on anything extra there. There was such a spirit of friendship amongst everyone that booked through StudentCity and all of the staff was very helpful. I would recommend this for any budget-conscience traveler!




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